Ninja Challenge – Vision Martial Arts of Silver Creek

Ninjas hide stashes of equipment and treasure, as part of their stealthy (and healthy) martial arts practices.

There could be one in this video.  It might be under a bonsai tree, because that’s a cool symbol to signify the hiding place of a ninja’s stash… but it’s a secret!  If you happen to find it, you might be awarded some secret ninja star points!

Here are some of the secret ninja challenges!
Spirit Hike Map
NinjaStash Instructions

Ninja Spirit Challenge

There might be ninja-treasure hidden inside a drain-pipe beneath a fence post near Ranch Bridge… and the drain-pipe might not be a real drain-pipe at all.  It might be something that a ninja made, and there might also be ninjas!

Watch this video to see some secret Ninja Spirit Challenges!

Here are some of the secret pages:
Ninja Spirit Challenges
Spirit Stash Instructions